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Chrysler News In Langley BC
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Redefine the highway experience with help from the 2020 Pacifica’s automated KeySense program. Create a series of custom digital commands, utilizing Chrysler’s innovative fob system to limit speed, enhance safety, and bolster every rev.

The KeySense program - which allows Pacifica owners to create four-digit PIN codes for individual drivers and build specific performance limitations for each - promises improved control. Enter the vehicle and activate the provided fob. This will grant access to the Splash Screen: an integrated cluster that will automatically recognize the user information and display a series of notifications regarding:
Maximum Speed - set specific km/h parameters. If a driver exceeds these limits audio warnings will activate.

Drive-Range - establish boundaries for the Pacifica, creating a digital map that will automatically alert operators when they travel too far.

Radio Volume - limit the stereo system to a maximum 15 setting (instead of the full 39). This will help to lessen distractions and ensure that exterior noises - such as approaching vehicles - can be recognized.

Fuel Monitoring - receive automatic notifications when gasoline levels drop, assuring that drivers have enough time to find nearby stations and plan their routes accordingly.

The KeySense program optimises user control, allowing families to more effectively respond to highway conditions. To learn more about this Pacifica system contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcDemand more than comfort from your travels. Instead expect - and receive - comprehensive protection, with the 2020 Pacifica delivering the Advanced SafetyTec Group to BC. This suite enables drivers to more effectively respond to changing environments, with its automated functions bolstering every rev.

Adaptive Cruise Control anchors the Pacifica, utilizing front-mounted sensors to assess highway conditions and seamlessly adjust speed to accommodate new patterns. Cross-detection functionality observes rear traffic, warning of approaching vehicles; while lane-keeping assistance monitors trajectory, releasing audio notifications if the platform strays from its intended path. High-beams engage in low-visibility environments, and Active Braking capabilities bolster the Forward Collision system (which detects sudden stoppage from front-positioned cars and decelerates accordingly).

To further enhance safety the 2020 Pacifica also features a Surround View system - which utilizes multiple lenses to afford 360-degrees of sightlines. These cameras stream images directly into the Uconnect console, allowing drivers to effortlessly gauge the terrain.

Protection now proves the cornerstone of every BC adventure. To learn more about the 2020 Pacifica and its available Advanced SafetyTec Group contact us today - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our many Chrysler models.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcInject some rhythm-and-blues into your commute with help from the 2020 Pacifica. Chrysler has paired this platform with an available Alpine Sound Group, delivering dynamic bass-lines to every day.

Thirteen speakers anchor this package - with all of them mounted strategically across the cabin to maximize volume. A 506-watt amplifier enhances each note, while active noise control technology assures an immersive experience (countering ambient exterior signals and reducing distortion). USB ports further bolster the system, enabling both second and third row passengers to stream their favourite songs.

To learn more about the 2020 Pacifica and its Alpine Sound Group contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcHigh-design has come to Langley - with the 2020 Pacifica boasting an available S Appearance Package. This suite injects much-needed style into the minivan segment, allowing families to (finally) achieve more than comfort on the highway.

The S Appearance Package transforms the new Pacifica from people-carrier to showroom-stunner. 18-inch black aluminum wheels anchor the ride, complemented by BSW all-season tires. Dark surrounds define the grille, while daylight opening mouldings frame the doors. At the rear sits a custom applique, and the handles are now body-coloured (letting them blend into the panelling and create a more seamless side-view).

Slip inside the 2020 Pacifica and discover further upgrades. The S Appearance Package extends into the cabin, offering custom stitched logos on the seat cushions and a leather-wrapped steering wheel; while exclusive badging further impresses, delivering a sharp black contrast to the console. Dull design proves a thing of the past.

With the introduction of the S Appearance Package Chrysler is redefining the minivan market - allowing Langley families to experience unprecedented style on the highway. To learn more about this suite (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models) contact us today.
Upgrade the entertainment experience with help from the 2020 Pacifica. Chrysler knows that long journeys can prove a challenge - with sibling squabbles, stalled traffic, and dull scenery undermining even the most patient of parents. This is why it now brings the Uconnect Theatre Group to Langley, helping to stave off highway boredom.

Anchoring the Uconnect Theatre Group is an 8.4-inch touchscreen. This high-definition option affords seamless control, boasting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality to enhance streaming; while voice-activated satellite links provide access to endless content options. A 115-volt power outlet allows riders to sync their devices, and HD radio bolsters both signal reach and sound quality.

The true value of this package, however, is what it provides passengers. In the rear of the Pacifica find dual 10-inch display screens (mounted directly into the front seatbacks), which are paired with multimedia HDMI ports and video USB outlets. This allows riders to instantly upload their favourite movies, games, and other third-party content; while three-channel wireless headphones help to block exterior noise and assure a more immersive experience.

The Uconnect Theatre Group promises custom infotainment in BC. To learn more about this Pacifica package contact our team today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcAutomate the highway experience with help from the 2020 Pacifica. Chrysler has paired this minivan with convenience, bringing the Power Group Package to the Lower Mainland; and this allows families to more efficiently respond to everyday errands, utilizing push-button technology to simplify each task.

Available for the new Pacifica is the Power Group Package - an exclusive suite that delivers three convenient functions to BC.

Sliding Doors

The Pacifica now boasts dual-sliding technology to afford hands-free entries. Gently swing your foot below the vehicle and a mounted sensor will respond - sending a signal to the rear doors and smoothly opening them. Take advantage of this feature when carrying cargo to avoid fumbling with a handle.


On the back bumper of the 2020 Pacifica is a motion-detector. This function - which engages with a simple leg kick - will instantly activate the liftgate, enabling drivers to quickly access the expansive bay (which can accommodate a payload capacity of 782-kg when the rear seats are lowered).

Remote Entry

Struggle with keys no more. A digital fob is now available for the Pacifica, enabling operators to press a button at a distance of up to 20-metres. This will unlock the doors and afford a more seamless entry (and, when paired with the UConnect system, it will also deliver instant engine start-ups and alarm activations). 

The Power Group Package proves ideal for Lower Mainland families. To learn more about this suite contact our team today.
2002 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcIt’s the unending struggle - with you battling the grit and grime of everyday travels, forever trying to keep a minivan free of dirt. You scrub; you scour; you dutifully collect bits of crumbs from the floor, desperate to achieve a clean cabin.

Chrysler understands your frustration - and, more importantly, it offers a solution. Take advantage of the 2020 Pacifica’s available Mopar Interior Protection Package.

This suite will prove a balm from Lower Mainland families, allowing them to counter every smudge. All-weather floor mats now anchor the cabin, boasting removable rubber materials that can be cleaned with a simple rag. Sill guards frame the doors, helping to reduce scuff marks; while the bay boasts rugged liners that can withstand even the dirtiest cargo (eliminate any rear stains with help from the integrated RIDGID vacuum system, which is mounted directly into the side panelling and can be manoeuvred with ease, thanks to its extendable hose).

Additionally, the Mopar Interior Protection Package offers tub liners for the Stow ‘n Go system. These mould perfectly into the integrated cargo bins, greatly reducing the chance of scratches, dents, or dings.

Fear dust no more. The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica is ready to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions to the Lower Mainland. Contact us today for further information!
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcNo longer dread the seasonal sleet. The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica brings an exclusive Cold Weather Package to BC, allowing families to counter even the most unforgiving days.

Anchoring the Cold Weather Package are multi-level warming functions for the front seats. These assure optimal comfort for the driver and rear passenger, especially when paired with the platform's tri-zone climate controls. A remote start system allows operators to engage the engine and heating features before they exit their homes; while the leather-wrapped steering wheel is also fused with temperature technology to enhance the cabin experience.

The 2020 Pacifica provides BC families with the comfort they deserve. To learn more about the Cold Weather Package contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcAccidents - unfortunately, frustratingly - happen. This is an undeniable highway truth. These incidents do not, however, have to end unhappily, with the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica LX now delivering a series of protective solutions to Langley: affording families the confidence they need to respond to any challenge. Bolster every adventure with help from the Mopar Emergency Kit.

Available for the new LX, this suite allows families to more efficiently react to difficult situations. Anchoring the package is a first aid kit, which boasts essential items (such as gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, and bandages). This enables passengers to respond quickly to a medical emergency, while a reflecting triangle and flashlight lets them signal passing vehicles. An included fleece blanket may also prove crucial, helping to provide comfort during the wait.

To further assist Pacifica riders the Mopar Emergency Kit also features an assortment of tools - including adjustable wrenches, pliers, and a tire gauge. These items will allow families to quickly repair minor issues in the wake of a collision. 

By offering this kit to Langley the 2020 Pacifica LX assures more effective emergency responses - and it enables families to feel secure while traveling in BC. To learn more contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcEnhance your hauling experience with help from the 2020 Pacifica LX. No longer will minivan fans be forced to endure weak payloads and struggling engine suites. Instead Chrysler is delivering class-leading power - with its available Trailer Tow Group Package promising up to 1,633-kg.

Pair the new Pacifica LX with the exclusive Trailer Tow Group Package. This suite assures maximum strength, fusing the standard 3.6L V6 with both a 180-amp alternator and a heavy-duty radiator (this allows the engine to more effectively respond to heavy hauls, eliminating the expected power-band strain). A two-inch receiver now anchors the rear, providing easier connections; while a wiring harness ensures that the tail-lights and turn signals function properly when accommodating up to 782-kg in payloads. 

Additionally, Chrysler has fused the Trailer Tow Group Package with sway control technology - which assesses vehicle alignment, roll rates, and yaw ratios in real-time. When a deviation is detected (such as when rounding a sudden curve) this system will automatically apply precise brake pressure, smoothly decelerating to enhance traction. Every payload will remain perfectly balanced.

Curious about the 2020 Pacifica LX and its available trailering options? Contact our team today to request further information.
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