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Chrysler News In Langley BC
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2021 grand caravan available in langley bcDesire a minivan that doesn’t skimp on performance? The 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan is calling your name - delivering both power and economy to Canada.

Langley’s roads have long deserved a minivan like what Chrysler has crafted here. It’s not just a passenger vehicle with ample space for up to eight occupants; instead, it’s also a joy to drive. It blasts down highways and trails alike, thanks to its 3.6L PentastarTM VVT V6 engine (which creates 287 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque). This motor also boasts Engine Stop/Start (ESS) technology that cuts itself off autonomously when you come to a stop and then restarts when you release the brake pedal. Additionally, the available Trailer Tow Group enables this machine to haul as much as 3,600 pounds (1,633 kilograms). Sensational!

Contact us today to learn more about the 2021 Grand Caravan - and don't hesitate to schedule a test-drive with our team at your earliest convenience.
buy a 2021 grand caravan in langley bcWhile every 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan is a fantastic vehicle, the SXT trim does possess a few advantages over the SE model. If you wish to step up to this higher-tier version, we’re willing to wager you’ll enjoy the perks.

The 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan SXT offers gleaming 17-inch Tech Silver aluminum wheels that cannot be found on the SE trim. Dirty shoes on your passengers? No problem; this version of the heralded minivan comes standard with front and rear floor mats. Second-row bucket seats with in-floor storage are standard on the SXT, expanding the available cargo space; and finally, on the exterior, body-coloured door handles blend in beautifully with the rest of the minivan and simply look spectacular.

Contact us today to learn more about the new Grand Caravan and its SXT upgrades. Don't forget to schedule a test-drive with our team at your earliest convenience as well.
2021 grand caravan in langley bcChrysler loves taking things to a whole new level with their automobiles. It’s not enough to compete with their peers in categories like performance and safety—they’re “in it to win it” and surpass the competition with their careful design principles. That’s profoundly evident with the 2021 Grand Caravan and its contribution to passenger safety.

A plethora of airbags (eight on the 2021 Grand Caravan, to be exact) is to be expected, but this minivan has a number of advanced  features that truly take the next step. For example, the SafetyTec Group delights with options such as Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Path Detection, helping to ensure you’re always aware of surrounding vehicles. Additionally, Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking and Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking works autonomously to stop your machine if it feels you aren’t reacting quickly enough to changing conditions in front of your car. And Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist helps you get securely into your spot without bumping into any obstacles, taking care of most of the process for you.

Contact us today to learn more!

buy a 2021 grand caravan in langley bc“Safety first” is taken seriously at Chrysler. They approach the security of driver and passengers with a unique reverence that rivals any other car manufacturer, and it certainly shows with the design and engineering of the spectacular 2021 Grand Caravan.

Chrysler understood right off the bat that the key with safety is standard features (not “available features if you pay more”), so they set to work to provide exactly that. There are eight airbags included in the 2021 Grand Caravan, cushioning passengers in the event of a collision. There’s also the intuitive ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera to keep you abreast of what’s going on behind your machine. Further, the Electric Park Brake With Safehold function keeps your vehicle securely in place once you’ve come to a stop. Each of these systems works in tandem to assure more confident travels.

Contact us today to learn more!
2021 grand caravan in langley bcAh, the minivan! Great for passengers but more limited when it comes to performance, right? Wrong, actually. The 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan bucks previous trends and delivers surprising power to Canada - allowing families to experience more than comfort on the highway.

This vehicle comes packed with a 3.6L PentastarTM VVT V6 that easily generates 287 horses and 262 lb-ft of torque—power you’ll feel the moment you press down on the pedal. Even better, though, is the available Trailer Tow Group. With this package in place, the 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan pulls off a maximum hauling capacity of 3,600 pounds (1,633 kilograms). Even when you’re in need of a heavy payload, you’ll have no problem when driving this machine - with its nine-speed automatic transmission ensuring smooth control.

Contact us today to discover more about the new Grand Caravan - and don't forget to schedule a test-drive with our team!

2021 grand caravan in langley bcNot all new vehicles are the same—some are just built different. That’s certainly the case with the 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan. It draws plaudits far and wide, and a big reason for its acclaim is its intelligently built transmission.

The 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan benefits from its sensational nine-speed transmission. Sure, as an automatic, you know it is easy to operate and shifts quite smoothly, but there’s so much more to this system. It has rotary e-shift technology, which means transfers between gears are particularly effortless - making for a pleasing drive on even the roughest roads in Canada. Further, it supports lower engine RPMs, which in turn provides greater fuel efficiency. In fact, you’ll enjoy a highway fuel economy rating of 8.4 litres per 100 kilometres (34 miles per gallon). 

Ready to learn more about the Grand Caravan's segment-leading transmission? Contact our team today.
buy a 2021 grand caravan in langleyWith the 2021 Grand Caravan, you don’t have to pay extra in order to benefit from exceptional performance. The standard has been set for Langley—and it is truly sensational.

The 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan houses a 3.6L PentastarTM VVT V6 under its hood. It is officially Canada’s Best-Selling Engine, and boy, does it bring a ton to the table. This powerhouse rocks out with 287 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque; while its nine-speed automatic transmission thrills. Further, the included Engine Stop/Start (ESS) technology ensures efficiency is always high; it autonomously shuts off the block whenever you come to a complete stop on Langley’s roads, and then restarts itself when you take your foot off the brake. This helps to lessen fuel consumption and promotes a more efficient ride.

Contact us today at Willowbrook Chrysler for more on the 2021 Grand Caravan - including available financing options.
buy a 2021 grand caravan in langleyChrysler understands you need your minivan for varying purposes, and those purposes can often change on the fly. Fortunately, so can the new 2021 Grand Caravan.

The SXT model of the 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan offers seating for up to eight. When you have fewer passengers, however, the centre seat in the second row can be folded down, providing either an armrest, cup holder, or additional storage bin. The eighth seat, when in passenger use, bolsters the number of overall LATCH-ready spaces to five. And, if you really need to customize your arrangement, you'll be thrilled to know that this vehicle has a whopping 243 separate seating combinations!

Want a little extra? The Cold Weather Group, available on the SXT model, brings a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel and heated front seats to the Grand Caravan to thwart winter weather. Plus, remote start is featured, letting you warm up your ride before ever stepping outside.

Contact us today for more!
2021 grand caravan in langley bcMake no mistake—Chrysler knows how to make a superior mini-van. Proof positive is the 2021 Grand Caravan, which delights with smart features expressly designed to make all your trips better.

You’ve likely already noticed the accent stitching on the Grand Caravan’s cloth seats (it comes standard). But did you know those rear seats easily collapse as part of the standard third-row Stow n’ Go system? This makes room for cargo on longer trips without requiring any sort of package upgrade. And if you’re really in need of space, the SXT model offers an available collapsible second row, too! No longer compromise on comfort or cargo.

One more fun fact: The 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan pampers passengers with standard Active Noise Cancellation technology built right into the vehicle. Cabin quietness is assured—unless you feel like pumping up the radio volume, of course!

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting machine.

2021 chrysler grand caravan for sale in langley bc canadaWhether you spring for the SE or SXT, the new 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan can be fitted with a slew of optional features. Many of these bear the Mopar nameplate.

First up is the Roads Emergency Kit. Inside the red bag, you will find jumper cables, a screwdriver, a safety triangle, gloves, a blanket, electrical tape, pliers, and even a flashlight with batteries. These are meant to help you out if you get stranded somewhere at night.

Next are the splash guards. These protect the wheel wells from getting muddy, and they can also come with running boards to help passengers climb into the cabin.

Finally, the Interior Protection Package adds door sill shields to prevent scuffs. All-weather floor mats are also included along with liners for the Stow ’n Go storage containers.

Want to learn more about other accessories available on the new Chrysler Grand Caravan? Contact us today!

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