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Chrysler News In Langley BC
2020 chrysler pacifica hybrid for sale langley bcPeace-of-mind is now assured - with Chrysler fusing its 2020 Pacifica Hybrid with exclusive Vehicle Health Reports. These solutions allow BC families to track every adventure, affording instant access to key performance metrics; and this promotes effective driving, identifying potential concerns and (more importantly) helping users fix them. Travel with confidence.

Complementing the Uconnect media system, Vehicle Health Reports prove essential for every ride. Comprehensive summaries are linked to a driver’s phone (Apple and Android devices are compatible with this service) and sent directly to an inbox. There they outline major vehicle elements - including brake responses, suspension articulation, and tire pressure levels - and note any potential deviations. Colour-coded warnings are assigned to these issues, allowing users to quickly determine which items should be addressed first (green, low level concern; yellow, medium level concern; red, high level concern); and instructions are provided if certified technicians are needed.

Through these reports BC families can more confidently navigate the highway - certain that the Pacifica will notify them of any sudden changes. The burden of troubleshooting is replaced with Uconnect ease.

To learn more about Vehicle Health Reports - as well as other 2020 Pacifica Hybrid technologies - contact our team today.
Cars to the left, shrubbery to the right, and a series of tight turns behind - you find yourself surrounded in Surrey, with no clear angle in sight. The reversal process, therefore, suddenly becomes far more challenging than a mere twist of a steering wheel. 

To compensate for such unfavourable conditions Chrysler has paired its 2020 Pacifica Hybrid with the Surround View suite, allowing families to more effectively observe (and respond to) the terrain. 

This system - which boasts four sequential cameras placed in the grille, rear liftgate, and side-view mirrors - delivers comprehensive support; and its high-resolution streaming capabilities promote superior protection, yielding 360-degrees of real-time coverage. Images are fed into the central console as the van reverses. These are paired with active guidelines, which highlight the most efficient routes to take; while coloured zones then appear to warn of approaching objects and their distances (Red, 0 to 30 centimetres; Yellow, 30 centimetres to 2 metres; and Green more than 2 metres).

The Surround View system enables drivers to quickly gauge the terrains - and it ensures a more efficient reversal process in BC.

To learn more about this and other Pacifica Hybrid safety functions contact our team today.
2020 chrysler pacifica hybrid for sale langley bcAchieve a panoramic perspective in the 2020 Pacifica Hybrid. This Chrysler platform boasts a class-exclusive tri-pane sunroof, allowing families to indulge in every BC landscape.

Across three rows stretches an available sunroof. This expansive option lets passengers experience a bird's-eye view of the Lower Mainland, boasting one-touch open/close capabilities; while venting technology allows the glass to raise and increases air-flow. This maximizes comfort (especially when paired with an integrated shade feature, which can reduce UV penetration).

To learn more about the 2020 Pacifica Hybrid and its tri-pane sunroof contact our team today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale langley bcOptimize the charging experience with help from the 2020 Pacifica Hybrid. This Chrysler van has been engineered for everyday convenience - boasting both quick-time responses and custom scheduling. 

A 16-kWh lithium-ion battery propels the new Pacifica Hybrid - and, to ensure that Surrey drivers can keep this system performing at maximum levels, Chrysler offers available Level 2 charging. Sync the van with a 240-volt Mopar cord and achieve peak performance in just over an hour; while the integrated LED indicator monitors the process, enabling families to track completion percentages.

Additionally, Chrysler offers an advanced scheduling capability - which allows drivers to choose when they wish the Pacifica to charge. Select the E-Hybrid setting in the centre Uconnect console and access a time-table screen, deciding which day and hour is most convenient. The system will only activate the Level 2 function when directed, and this can provide massive savings (with designated late-night or early-morning options taking advantage of lower electricity rates).

Curious about the 2020 Pacifica Hybrid and its charging capabilities? Contact our team today to learn more - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Chrysler models at your earliest convenience.