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Chrysler News In Langley BC
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2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcAccidents - unfortunately, frustratingly - happen. This is an undeniable highway truth. These incidents do not, however, have to end unhappily, with the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica LX now delivering a series of protective solutions to Langley: affording families the confidence they need to respond to any challenge. Bolster every adventure with help from the Mopar Emergency Kit.

Available for the new LX, this suite allows families to more efficiently react to difficult situations. Anchoring the package is a first aid kit, which boasts essential items (such as gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, and bandages). This enables passengers to respond quickly to a medical emergency, while a reflecting triangle and flashlight lets them signal passing vehicles. An included fleece blanket may also prove crucial, helping to provide comfort during the wait.

To further assist Pacifica riders the Mopar Emergency Kit also features an assortment of tools - including adjustable wrenches, pliers, and a tire gauge. These items will allow families to quickly repair minor issues in the wake of a collision. 

By offering this kit to Langley the 2020 Pacifica LX assures more effective emergency responses - and it enables families to feel secure while traveling in BC. To learn more contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcEnhance your hauling experience with help from the 2020 Pacifica LX. No longer will minivan fans be forced to endure weak payloads and struggling engine suites. Instead Chrysler is delivering class-leading power - with its available Trailer Tow Group Package promising up to 1,633-kg.

Pair the new Pacifica LX with the exclusive Trailer Tow Group Package. This suite assures maximum strength, fusing the standard 3.6L V6 with both a 180-amp alternator and a heavy-duty radiator (this allows the engine to more effectively respond to heavy hauls, eliminating the expected power-band strain). A two-inch receiver now anchors the rear, providing easier connections; while a wiring harness ensures that the tail-lights and turn signals function properly when accommodating up to 782-kg in payloads. 

Additionally, Chrysler has fused the Trailer Tow Group Package with sway control technology - which assesses vehicle alignment, roll rates, and yaw ratios in real-time. When a deviation is detected (such as when rounding a sudden curve) this system will automatically apply precise brake pressure, smoothly decelerating to enhance traction. Every payload will remain perfectly balanced.

Curious about the 2020 Pacifica LX and its available trailering options? Contact our team today to request further information.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcInject some much-deserved style into every day - with the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica LX delivering a series of exterior upgrades that will impress from any angle. No longer are sedans the only showroom-worthy options in BC. Instead this minivan redefines the road.

The 2020 Pacifica LX boasts an athletic frame, with its sharp front and rear tracks (each measuring 1,735-mm) eliminating the traditional boxiness found within the segment. 17-inch Tech Silver aluminum wheels are complemented by all-season tires, while active shutters anchor the fascia. The black grille is accented with a lower body-side sill applique; and automatic headlights feature a distinctive elongated shape, emphasizing the sculpted fenders and crisp character lines.

Chrysler further impresses BC drivers by fusing the 2020 Pacifica LX with exclusive badges on both the grille and rear decklid. These pair perfectly with the subtle use of metallic trim across the body, creating a sophisticated effect.

With the release of the new Pacifica Chrysler is shattering all expectations - proving that minivans can delight as much as their sedan siblings. To learn more about the LX (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models) contact our team today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcIt’s no easy task to maintain that fragile family peace while traveling - with even the slightest inconvenience sending passengers into a spiral. Chrysler understands your wish to avoid the all-too-common screams and shrieks… and it seeks to provide some much-deserved relief with its 2020 Pacifica L.

Keep your patience intact with help from Apple CarPlay.

Anchoring the UConnect infotainment centre is Apple CarPlay. This iOS function allows Pacifica L drivers to seamlessly engage with their smartphones - affording voice-activated interfacing and high-resolution graphics. Sync your device to the console and stream your favourite content through the Alpine stereo system. Create an app collection, organizing third-party podcasts, audio books, and more into a custom list that can be opened through the Siri Eyes Free function; while over 100,000 available satellite channels can be also accessed. 

To further improve the cabin experience take advantage of CarPlay’s immersive mapping function - which utilizes 4G connectivity to generate real-time 3D displays. Instantly identify nearby points of interest, with geo-fencing technology highlighting local attractions, eateries, and more. Planning diversions will prove far simpler.

The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica L brings Apple CarPlay convenience to every BC adventure. To learn more about this feature contact our team today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcStruggle no more with sharp inclines. The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica L brings Hill Start Assistance to the BC market - allowing drivers to conquer every terrain.

This system bolsters braking, maintaining precise pressure levels and throttle outputs to achieve stability. It reacts to driver responses, engaging whenever the Pacifica L is stalled on an incline for an extended period of time; and it affords improved control, keeping the platform safely aligned until new actions can be taken by the operator (this proves particularly valuable when faced with stop-and-go traffic patterns).

Through this the new Pacifica L ensures optimal traction on every hill. To learn more contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcIt’s an all-too-familiar struggle - with your family trying to squeeze into unforgiving rear rows, battling for space as cargo is shoved in after them. There’s no comfort to be found. Instead a trip ends in threats of mutiny.

Chrysler believes it’s time for a change - which is why it’s paired the 2020 Pacifica L with custom seating configurations.

Slide into the new Pacifica L and discover an expansive cabin (the wheelbase measures 3,089-mm). Three rows will greet you, offering plush cloth materials; and available six-way adjusters will ensure optimal alignments. More impressive, however, will be the inclusion of the Stow’n Go rear bench, which promises effortless adaptability.

This 60/40 split-folding configuration allows families to maximize their space. With the press of a button the bench can be slotted into the floor, transforming the third row into a massive storage bay (total volume will balloon from 915 cu.-ft to 2,478 cu.-ft), and the inclusion of hidden cargo options (including under-mounted bins) will further impress. Though this riders will no longer have to share their seats with luggage. It can instead be tucked neatly away, leaving them to indulge in 991-mm of available legroom. 

Want to experience the Stow’n Go function? Visit our dealership today - and don’t forget to request additional information about the 2020 Pacifica L.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcWith the introduction of the 2020 Pacifica L Chrysler promises more than comfort. Instead safety is ensured - with this minivan delivering a comprehensive collection of passenger-focused features to Langley.

Anchoring the Pacifica L is an extensive airbag suite - with eight inflatables (including multi-stage frontal, knee, and side curtain) available. All-wheel anti-lock brakes boast Ready Alert technology, affording improved stoppage by monitoring pressure patterns and increasing ABS responses; while electronic stability control enhances trajectory, intuitively correcting both speed and alignment to maximize traction on changing terrains. A tire monitoring system warns of fluctuating pressure, and child anchors and tethers are included to keep young riders secure in their seats.

To further improve performance the 2020 Pacifica L features the ParkView rear camera function - which pairs gridline support with high-resolution imagery to showcase the surrounding environment. Engage the system by selecting the Reverse gear setting. The console will then provide wide-angle support and (should an obstacle appear) audio warnings.

Through these features the new Pacifica L proves an ideal option for Langley families - affording them full confidence while traveling in BC. To learn more contact our team today, and don't hesitate to request a test-drive in one of our available models.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcTransform your commute into a multi-media experience, courtesy of the 2020 Pacifica L. This Chrysler minivan boasts ample entertainment options, allowing Langley drivers to effortlessly engage with their favourite content.

Anchoring the new Pacifica L is the UConnect system. This console - which streams content via a 7-inch display - boasts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality; while integrated Bluetooth links deliver superior streaming. Take advantage of both a USB port and audio auxiliary jack to access media options, and discover clear stereo sound via the six-speaker system.

The 2020 Pacifica L will prove perfect for every BC tech fan. To learn more contact us today.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcConstruction clatter, honking horns, the constant rev of engines as impatient drivers race by - these are the sounds that follow you home. There’s no peace to find on the highway. Instead you and your family just wince through the noise.

Chrysler thinks you deserve better - which is why it’s paired the 2020 Pacifica L with Active Noise Cancellation. Silence isn’t just golden. It’s now obtainable. 

Throughout the new Pacifica L are strategically mounted speakers (six come standard). These - along with four integrated headliner microphones - help to combat exterior noise, automatically assessing audio levels within the cabin. Decibels are electronically measured and, should they prove too loud, a counteracting signal is released through the stereo system via an onboard frequency generator.

This calculated use of vibrations allows the 2020 Pacifica to create a perfect ambient environment - greatly reducing outside noise (including engine combustion, wind, or passing vehicles). It also helps to amplify interior sounds, enhancing speaker responses to deliver clear stereo results. This assures that Langley drivers can indulge in their favourite content with ease.

Curious about the 2020 Pacifica L and its Active Noise Cancellation system? Contact our team today to learn more.
2020 chrysler pacifica for sale new westminster bcNo longer is style reserved solely for the sedan segment. Instead the 2020 Pacifica L is redefining expectations - offering Surrey families the dynamic designs they deserve. This Chrysler platform will delight from every angle.
The new Pacifica L fuses function with sophistication. Anchoring this van are 17-inch steel wheels, which afford a sporty stance. A black slotted grille is complemented by a wing badge and sill appliques; while bright-polished surround moulding offers a sharp contrast. A shark fin antenna delivers a punch of colour; and optional running boards emphasize the lean lines of the body (5,177-mm in length, 1,775-mm in height, and 2,296-mm in width).

To further impress Chrysler has paired the 2020 Pacifica L with ten exterior colour options - including Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, Ceramic Grey, and Ocean Blue Metallic. These shades offer a luminescent effect (which allows them to pair perfectly with the platform’s halogen headlamps and incandescent tail-lights). Achieve a chic design in BC.

The 2020 Pacifica L proves ideal for those wishing to upgrade the minivan experience. To learn more about this Chrysler model - or to schedule a test-drive with our team - contact us today.
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