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Chrysler News In Langley BC
Chrysler News In Langley BC

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Cars to the left, shrubbery to the right, and a series of tight turns behind - you find yourself surrounded in Surrey, with no clear angle in sight. The reversal process, therefore, suddenly becomes far more challenging than a mere twist of a steering wheel. 

To compensate for such unfavourable conditions Chrysler has paired its 2020 Pacifica Hybrid with the Surround View suite, allowing families to more effectively observe (and respond to) the terrain. 

This system - which boasts four sequential cameras placed in the grille, rear liftgate, and side-view mirrors - delivers comprehensive support; and its high-resolution streaming capabilities promote superior protection, yielding 360-degrees of real-time coverage. Images are fed into the central console as the van reverses. These are paired with active guidelines, which highlight the most efficient routes to take; while coloured zones then appear to warn of approaching objects and their distances (Red, 0 to 30 centimetres; Yellow, 30 centimetres to 2 metres; and Green more than 2 metres).

The Surround View system enables drivers to quickly gauge the terrains - and it ensures a more efficient reversal process in BC.

To learn more about this and other Pacifica Hybrid safety functions contact our team today.