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Dodge and Ram News In Langley BC
<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory#/?&orderBy=1&asc=1&t=0&filter=[%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/April_2021/dodge_ram_news/2020-dodge-journey-interior-clean.jpg"alt="A photo of a 2020 Dodge Journey's interior, which is beige in colour, showing a black Mopar Rubber Cargo Mat with ribbing and the word DODGE and a RAM logo printed on it with two flour pots and a bag of potting soil stacked on top of it."/></a>Heading out for adventures around Langley might mean your 2020 Dodge Journey's interior gets quite dirty.  After all, even everyday errands can result in spills, stains, and bits of debris. But don't worry, that is why this SUV has many add-ons from Mopar available to keep everything clean.

Add the available Mopar Rubber Cargo Mat, and you can protect the 2020 Journey's flooring from water, scratches, dents, and corrosion. Constructed with moulded-in ribs that help ensure items do not shift around, it is simple to remove and rinse off—while making sliding in heavy packages easier, as well. Achieve a dirt-free interior with ease. 

And for winter expeditions, you can install the Mopar Slush-Style Floor Mats that boast deep ribs to capture snow and sludge. They're also easily removed and may be replaced with available custom-contoured front and rear Premium 24-oz. Luxury Carpet versions, which are ideal for warm weather driving around BC. These features also prove ideal for eliminating everyday slush from the cabin and can be quickly washed. 

Get in touch with our team at Willowbrook Chrysler to find out more about the 2020 Dodge Journey and its available Mopar mats and carpets. Achieve a clean cabin with ease!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory/details/2247/new-2021-dodge-charger-gt+awd-2C3CDXMG8MH562686"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/April_2021/2021_DodgeCharger_ScatPack392_WhiteKnuckle.png"alt="2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 in White Knuckle”/></a>While there are several differences between the 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 models, they both use the same engine to deliver a stellar output on the BC roads - ensuring that, no matter which platform drivers prefer, they will still achieve the same segment-defining power they crave.

Growling underneath the Charger's functional hood scoop in a 6.4-litre HEMI V8. Thanks to the TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission and FuelSaver Multi-Displacement system, this powertrain produces 485 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque - allowing it to dominate every highway with ease. 

The regular trim comes with a high-performance suspension, but the Widebody model gets an upgraded version with Bilstein Three-Mode Adaptive Damping. It also comes with 15.3-inch Brembo two-piece brake rotors with six-piston front calipers for a faster stopping time on slick surfaces.

In track tests, the Scat Pack 392 was able to hit a top speed of 281 km/h (175 mph). The seven-duty cooling unit helps to prevent overheating, however, and drivers can trust that this number won't compromise engine performance over an extended period.

Want to try one out in person? Get in touch with our agents at Willowbrook Chrysler to schedule an appointment in the new Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory#/?&orderBy=1&asc=1&t=0&filter=[%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/April_2021/dodge_ram_news/2020-dodge-journey-bike.jpg"alt="A photo of a red 2020 Dodge Journey's roof showing a Thule Upright 599XTR Big Mouth Bicycle Carrier attached holding a red bike with black tires."/></a>If you're passionate about biking around Surrey, then the 2020 Dodge Journey is an ideal option for you. This SUV can be fitted with the available Thule Upright 599XTR Big Mouth Bicycle Carrier from Mopar; it accommodates frames up to 3⅛-inches in diameter and ensures that you can take your favourite piece of off-road equipment on every adventure. 

This carrier affixes to the roof rails of your SUV by using self-adjusting automatic jaws, which clamp down on the frames of your mountain or road bikes securely. Their dual-locking design also ensures that the cycles and the structure itself are well-fastened to the vehicle, keeping them safe on bumpy trails.

The interior also accommodates full-sized bikes—courtesy of its 67.6 cu. ft. capacity—in case you want to protect them from BC's variable weather. And, if you need to pull a trailer full of cycling gear, rest assured that the Journey's 1,000 lbs towing capability can handle it with ease. Take your 10-speed on an adventure!

Contact Willowbrook Chrysler to learn more about the 2020 Dodge Journey and its available Thule Upright 599XTR Big Mouth Bicycle Carrier. Be sure to also ask about our current financing options, as well as our promotional opportunities.

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory/details/2247/new-2021-dodge-charger-gt+awd-2C3CDXMG8MH562686"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/April_2021/2021_DodgeCharger_ScatPack392_TripleNickel.png"alt="2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 in Triple Nickel”/></a>Featuring a 12-way power-adjustable driver’s chair with lumbar support, the new 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 was made for comfort - proving that high speeds don't demand a sacrifice of convenience. Prepare for an indulgent experience on the BC highway. 

Black cloth upholstery covers the Charger's cockpit, and the heated seats include inserts with the unique Houndstooth pattern and embroidered Scat Pack Bee logos (delivering both a stylish design and plush soft-touch textures). Meanwhile, the bench in the rear offers 60/40 split-folding capability for custom cabin configurations. Accommodate passengers and cargo with equal ease. 

Next, the leather-wrapped steering wheel includes integrated buttons for controlling audio and cruise functions. Because this is a tilt-and-telescoping column, you can also situate it to suit your specific height requirements. 

As for space, this model has plenty of it. The following numbers coincide with these interior dimensions: Head, Leg, Shoulder, and Hip Room. The front offers 98/106.2/151.1/142.7 cm, and the rear has 93/101.9/147.1/142.5 cm. The trunk can hold up to 467 litres as well, sparing drivers the frustration of having to leave important items behind. 

Contact our experts now to learn more about the 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 and its available comfort features. 

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory#/?&orderBy=1&asc=1&t=0&filter=[%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/April_2021/dodge_ram_news/2020-dodge-journey-health.png"alt="Blue 2020 Dodge Journey SUV on grey background."/></a>Knowing how your SUV is doing just got easier with the 2020 Dodge Journey and its available Vehicle Health Report system. This convenient service gives BC motorists a wealth of information right on a smartphone or computer - allowing them to track metrics in real-time and affording more effective driving. 

Automatic email notifications will arrive monthly with explanations of your Journey's health—both quick snapshots and in-depth reports are included to suit your schedule. They'll alert you to issues requiring immediate attention in systems like the transmission, engine, and more (plus, they'll note anything that may need maintenance in the future). No longer forget to make a service appointment. 

And, if there are any illuminated warning lights on the dash, the Vehicle Health Report will let you know exactly what they mean (sparing you the struggle of scouring the maintenance manual). But don't worry, colour-coded messages help prioritize which tasks to tackle first to keep your SUV running smoothly during drives around BC. 

Get in touch with our team at Willowbrook Chrysler to find out more about the 2020 Dodge Journey and its Vehicle Health Report system. Don't hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our current SUVs as well.

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory/details/2247/new-2021-dodge-charger-gt+awd-2C3CDXMG8MH562686"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/April_2021/2021_DodgeCharger_ScatPack392_PitchBlack.png"alt="2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 in Pitch Black”/></a>With its very own onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, the new 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 brings 4G LTE connectivity to the streets of BC - turning high-speed fun into a tech-lover's dream. 

Thanks to the new Scat Pack 392's Uconnect 4C multimedia centre, you can use compatible apps - such as Maps, Music, Phone, and more - without eating up your cellular data plan. Plus, don’t forget about being able to call and send messages without using your hands. That’s due to Bluetooth compatibility, which affords seamless engagements.

With a 1-year subscription to SiriusXM Guardian and satellite radio, you can enjoy hundreds of premium channels as well (no longer endure the limited range of AM/FM while traveling the BC byways). The Scat Pack 392 includes a 6-speaker stereo that provides high-quality sound throughout the cabin; and there is also a 276-watt amplifier to really boost the audio to the max. Turn this sports car into a concert-worthy experience.

Are you ready to take the new Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 out for a spin? Get in touch with our team of experts here at Willowbrook Chrysler to schedule an appointment today; and don't forget to request additional financing information as well.

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory/details/2247/new-2021-dodge-charger-gt+awd-2C3CDXMG8MH562686"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/April_2021/2021_DodgeCharger_ScatPack392_OctaneRedPearl.png"alt="2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 in Octane Red Pearl”/></a>From the unique deck-lid badging to the one-piece performance spoiler in black, the new 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 boasts an aggressive style - bringing a track inspiration to everyday adventures in BC. Prepare to upgrade your design experience.

Rolling on 20-inch aluminum wheels with a low-gloss finish, this ride includes body-side cladding and air inlets incorporated into the grille for a striking effect (they also assure a better engine output, proving that style and substance can indeed combine). Thanks to the dual exhaust tips, you can enjoy the thrill of the roaring motor every time you step on the accelerator.

Automatic windshield wipers activate at the first sign of rain droplets, maintaining visibility on the tinted glass; and the body-coloured power-adjustable side mirrors can be folded in manually. This protects them from being damaged by a passing car if you have to parallel park on the street. LED fog lamps and bi-functional halogen projector headlights provide ample illumination on the darkest roads, while their black accents ensure a sleek effect. Achieve high-fashion in BC.

Would you like to experience the 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 for yourself? Get in touch with our team at Willowbrook to schedule an appointment today!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory#/?&orderBy=1&asc=1&t=0&filter=[%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/April_2021/dodge_ram_news/2020-dodge-journey-lights.jpg"alt="A photo of a black-coloured 2020 Dodge Journey SUV; it is driving forward on a tree-lined road during an orange sunset with fog in the background and its headlamps are all illuminated."/></a>You will never again fear another nighttime drive around Surrey with help from the 2020 Dodge Journey Crossroad. This trim level boasts many illumination devices that will light the way on every adventure—plus, the auto-dimming rearview mirror helps reduce eye strain from other vehicles' headlamps, as well (ensuring that you're protected from every angle).

Up front, quad-halogen headlamps with black bezels cut through murky evenings by turning themselves on automatically, while fog bulbs add further illumination when needed in extra-dark conditions. Even loading cargo is more accessible, courtesy of the lift-gate floodlight and rear LEDs (no longer struggle to take advantage of the rear bay. You will see every storage option with ease). 

Inside the cabin, the sun visors sport illuminated vanity mirrors, and the cup holders are lighted as well for extra style (as well as functionality.) Plus, LEDs are located in the front and rear—along with lower lamps—to add more ambient brightness during nighttime road trips around BC. This ensures optimal beam-cast protection while traveling.

Get in touch with our team at Willowbrook Chrysler to learn more about the 2020 Dodge Journey and its many lighting options. Don't forget to schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience as well.

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory/details/2247/new-2021-dodge-charger-gt+awd-2C3CDXMG8MH562686"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/April_2021/2021_DodgeCharger_ScatPack392_GoMango.png"alt="2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 in Go Mango”/></a>If you have taken a peek at the 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392 models recently, then you may have noticed that there are two versions. One is the regular style, and the other is the Widebody. Though both of these platforms boast dynamic performance (courtesy of their 392 HEMI V8 engines, which deliver 485 HP and 475 lb.-ft of torque), they do boast distinct exterior looks - allowing drivers to choose the perfect designs for their highway adventures. 

First, the Widebody trim is broader for a more even distribution of weight. You can see the benefits of this design when you travel at higher speeds or through sharp turns. It results in optimized stability, and this makes it ideal for those wishing to push the limits of performance. 

Next, the regular Scat Pack 392 comes with projector LED fog-lamps and rides on all-season tires. Meanwhile, the Widebody uses a Pirelli P-zero performance set (for additional traction). The final exterior variations are the wheels. Both models include 20-inch aluminum hubcaps. The former is finished in Low-Gloss Granite Crystal, however, and the latter is done in Devil’s Rim Forged Aluminum.

Want to see these Dodge models in person? Contact our experts today to schedule an appointment!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory#/?&orderBy=1&asc=1&t=0&filter=[%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/April_2021/dodge_ram_news/2020-dodge-journey-trailer-sway-control.jpg"alt="A diagram of a grey-coloured 2020 Dodge Journey SUV seen from above, with a black outline of a trailer attached at the rear to showcase sway movement."/></a>Hitching up and towing a wagon might seem intimidating to Langley motorists, but it does not have to be with the 2020 Dodge Journey—not if they take advantage of the standard Trailer Sway Control (TSC) system. This function affords precise handling when accommodating cargo. It includes sensors that are able to recognize when attached loads are wobbling too much, like during drives on curvy streets or in windy conditions.

If that happens, TSC activates automatically and works with the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system to help mitigate the swaying. It will carefully reduce engine power and apply the brakes on individual wheels as required to bring everything back in line. This provides a stable stance on even the sharpest curves.

Furthermore, the "ESC Activation/Malfunction Indicator Light" will flash, which is your signal to pull off the road and inspect the attached trailer. That way, extra peace of mind is ensured during trips around BC - with you able to monitor cargo and respond immediately to sudden deviations. 

Get in touch with our team at Willowbrook Chrysler to learn more about the 2020 Dodge Journey and its standard Trailer Sway Control system. Don't forget to schedule a test-drive as well!