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Jeep News In Langley BC
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2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcIt’s a series of tight turns and sharp inclines, with the BC backroads leaving most suspensions compromised. Achieving a smooth ride proves almost impossible… which is why Jeep is pairing its 2020 Cherokee with enhanced articulation. 

Anchoring the new Cherokee is a peerless suspension suite. MacPherson struts bolster the front, utilizing a high-mounted steel cradle to ensure precise rigidity; while aluminum-cast knuckles deliver seamless articulation. At the rear discover a four-link design, which boasts advanced springs to lessen friction impacts; and a trailing arm further improves control, maintaining a more efficient axle position. Additionally, lateral and longitudinal sensors are placed across the platform. These track trajectory, automatically noting when alignments must be fixed; and they then send signals to the system, allowing it to adjust tension ratios as needed.

Through this - as well as the addition of electric rack-and-pinion power steering and four-channel anti-lock brakes - the 2020 Cherokee achieves crisp handling. Lower Mainland drivers can finally navigate even the roughest incline changes with ease. 

Want to experience a nimble backroad ride? Contact our team today to learn more about the new Jeep Cherokee - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience. 
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcConquer every incline with help from the 2020 Cherokee. To promote seamless handling in Langley Jeep has paired this platform with Selec-Speed Control - promising precise acceleration on the backroads.

Serving as a standard feature on the 2020 Trailhawk, Selec-Speed technology allows drivers to carefully navigate even the toughest terrains. Activate the system by pressing the SSC switch (do this only after ensuring the parking brake has been released and the throttle is not in use). This will instantly engage the low-range function, adjusting both the power-band and the vehicle’s acceleration rates; and measured performance will then be achieved, with torque regulated to assure a smooth ascent. 

The Selec-Speed feature yields impeccable control - moderating engine outputs with every change in grade. This allows for custom gear responses, with the automatic transmission targeting acceleration ratios between 1 km/h (1st) to 9 km/h (9th). When combined with Jeep’s robust electric power steering column and independent MacPherson suspension, this function ensures superior handling.

Curious about the 2020 Cherokee and its Selec-Speed Control system? Contact our team today to learn more - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Trailhawk models.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bc‘Tis the season for sleet and snow - which is why Jeep has paired the 2020 Cherokee with Cold Weather technology. Struggle no more against BC winters.

Available on the new Cherokee is the Cold Weather Group. A remote start system anchors this suite, allowing drivers to engage both the engine and locking mechanisms before stepping out into the snow. A de-icer helps to maintain windshield sight-lines, while a block heater extends the life of oil (raising temperatures to promote more efficient fluid movement). Inside the cabin discover integrated warming functions for both the seat and steering wheel.

To learn more about the Cherokee’s Cold Weather Group contact our team today.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcThe Surrey highways can often prove more challenging to navigate than the backroads - with stop-and-go traffic testing the skill (and patience) of drivers. This is why Jeep has paired its 2020 Cherokee with exclusive LaneSense technology: promoting safer travels in BC.

At the front of the new Cherokee sits a camera-based sensor. This system continually scans the road, assessing both lane markers and vehicle trajectory in real time. Should the platform suddenly drift away from its correct alignment - with no turn signal being used - a series of actions will occur.

One: A visual warning in the instrument cluster will be released, alerting the driver to the deviation.

Two: If no action is taken to correct the issue, a secondary visual warning will be given; and this will be coupled with a slight vibration to the steering wheel.

Three: If still no action is taken, the Cherokee will automatically engage its Lane Assist function and gently correct positioning without driver input. This combines both steering and acceleration adjustments to assure a safe trajectory change.

These protocols ensure optimal alignments in Surrey - with the Cherokee avoiding sudden lane drifts and potential collisions. To learn more about this safety feature (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Jeep models) contact us today.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcComfort no longer belongs to sedan commuters and minivan fans. Instead Jeep is redefining the backroad experience - fusing its 2020 Cherokee with an exclusive Luxury Group. 

Ease is assured in BC, with the new Cherokee delivering a selection of premium upgrades. Slide into this platform and discover Nappa leather seating. Achieve precise temperature controls with the integrated cushion climate features (both heating and ventilating technologies are offered), while the plush bolsters and supple fabrics will impress. In the rear take advantage of sliding fore/aft chairs, which allow passengers to fully utilize the available 40.3-inches of leg room, 55.1-inches of shoulder room, and 49.9-inches of hip room.

Additionally, the Luxury Group promises convenience - affording drivers access to a hands-free power liftgate. Simply wave a foot beneath the rear bumper to activate an open/close sensor, which will then smoothly raise the door. This provides quick access to the expansive bay (49.7 total cu.ft of volume) and allows for easier storage.

With the inclusion of the Luxury Group the 2020 Cherokee can claim a place among Langley’s most comfortable rides. To learn more about this package contact our team today.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcFuse backroad adventures with rock-and-roll fun. The 2020 Jeep Cherokee now delivers Alpine sound to Langley - allowing families to bring deep bass-lines to every trail. Redefine your content with the push of a button.

Available for the new Cherokee is an Alpine sound system. This suite - which serves as a perfect complement to the Uconnect console, allowing drivers to seamlessly stream Apple CarPlay and Android Auto content - boasts nine speakers. Each has been positioned carefully throughout the cabin to maximize audio quality, while an 11-channel amplifier further bolsters capability (yielding up to 506-watts of crisp power). An eight-inch subwoofer is also included, generating a dynamic resonance that will shake the trails.

Jeep then fuses this sound system with an 8.4-inch display - allowing users to seamlessly interface with the volume controls, access smartphone content, and even engage the SiriusXM Radio feature (with a one-year subscription included to deliver thousands of custom channel options). Use this high-definition screen to adjust every note.

Curious about the 2020 Cherokee and its Alpine sound system? Contact our team today to request further information - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Jeep models.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcToo often does standard prove sub-par - with Surrey drivers forced to compromise performance for the sake of base limitations. The 2020 Jeep Cherokee, however, defies this expectation, fusing each model with a series of safety upgrades. These features are available across all trims and deliver superior protection to BC.

LED headlights anchor every Cherokee, yielding a 57% brightness increase over traditional bulbs to afford improved visibility. Rain brake support ensures precise performance, applying controlled bursts of pressure to the rotors to remove moisture build-ups and maintain consistent friction; while trailer sway control counters crosswinds, smoothly engaging the ABS system to boost traction and stabilize speeds. To further enhance security, Jeep has paired each trim with a Sentry Key function - a custom digital code that immobilizes the engine when the vehicle is parked. This helps to dissuade any unauthorized joy-rides in downtown Surrey.

Additionally, the new Cherokee boasts seven standard airbags - including full-length side-curtain, knee bolsters, and rear thorax. This assures comprehensive protection in the wake of a crash, cradling each passenger and greatly reducing impact force. 

Want to learn more about the 2020 Cherokee and its standard safety features? Contact our team today!
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcThe 2020 Cherokee was intended for adventures - but Lower Mainland parents wishing to tame their teens may choose to install the Boundary Alert feature.

This function - which is part of the SiriusXM Guardian suite - enables users to take control of every ride, establishing both distance parameters and speed limitations for the Cherokee. Create custom settings for young drivers as they slip behind the wheel; and monitor all progress through the Uconnect app, which delivers real-time activity and GPS notifications. This affords peace-of-mind in BC, with any potential concern (such as leaving a specified geographic region) immediately noted. 

To learn more about the Boundary Alert feature contact us today.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcSimplify the off-road experience with help from the 2020 Cherokee. This Jeep platform delivers real-time metrics - with its configurable seven-inch display cluster allowing Langley drivers to assess key performance stats. Track every rev on the trails.

Jeep assures easy engine engagements, with its 2020 Cherokee boasting a multi-view display. This available colour-screen - which is controlled via integrated buttons on the steering wheel - provides quick toggling through a series of metrics, including: 

Vehicle Info - receive instant updates about the platform’s performance outputs (including engine temperature, oil fluid levels, and cooling unit pressure). Measure responses to identify potential concerns. 

Vehicle Dynamics - measure speed patterns and the factors that may impact them (such as whether a tire is deflated or the brakes aren’t properly responding). 

Vehicle Alerts - instantly recognize when safety systems (including headlamps, stability control software, and the rearview camera) are compromised. Warnings will flash across the screen, highlighting the issue. 

Vehicle Economy - take advantage of real-time fuel level measurements, with alerts for low tank levels provided and driver habits monitored (the Cherokee will let operators see how their pedal performance affects litre ratings).

Through these functions the seven-inch display promotes value - allowing Langley drivers to better understand their Cherokees. To learn more about this system contact our team today.
Take control of your content with help from the Siri Eyes Free function. Jeep ensures that Lower Mainland drivers can stay connected to every download, fusing the 2020 Cherokee with this voice-activated system. Achieve seamless interfacing in BC.

When synced to an iPhone device, the new Cherokee will deliver hands-free engagements. Using natural-based commands drivers can:

Create messages by opening the program. Siri Eyes Free will automatically access contact lists when prompted, allowing users to quickly build texts. It will also read content aloud before sending to verify any necessary edits or additions. 


Ask Siri Eyes Free to make a call and it will open the phone, instantly pulling a number from the contact list or manually inputting information if required. 


Access turn-by-turn mapping programs, with Siri Eyes Free utilizing real-time GPS capabilities to assist drivers. To further improve travels, weather report generation and traffic warnings allow for more efficient route planning. 

The 2020 Cherokee proves ready to engage with users - with its Siri Eyes Free program affording seamless interactions. Take advantage of this system to maximize your content options.

To learn more about the new Cherokee and its hands-free capabilities - or to request a test-drive in one of our available models - contact us today.
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