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Jeep News In Langley BC
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcIt’s a series of tight turns and sharp inclines, with the BC backroads leaving most suspensions compromised. Achieving a smooth ride proves almost impossible… which is why Jeep is pairing its 2020 Cherokee with enhanced articulation. 

Anchoring the new Cherokee is a peerless suspension suite. MacPherson struts bolster the front, utilizing a high-mounted steel cradle to ensure precise rigidity; while aluminum-cast knuckles deliver seamless articulation. At the rear discover a four-link design, which boasts advanced springs to lessen friction impacts; and a trailing arm further improves control, maintaining a more efficient axle position. Additionally, lateral and longitudinal sensors are placed across the platform. These track trajectory, automatically noting when alignments must be fixed; and they then send signals to the system, allowing it to adjust tension ratios as needed.

Through this - as well as the addition of electric rack-and-pinion power steering and four-channel anti-lock brakes - the 2020 Cherokee achieves crisp handling. Lower Mainland drivers can finally navigate even the roughest incline changes with ease. 

Want to experience a nimble backroad ride? Contact our team today to learn more about the new Jeep Cherokee - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience. 
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcConquer every incline with help from the 2020 Cherokee. To promote seamless handling in Langley Jeep has paired this platform with Selec-Speed Control - promising precise acceleration on the backroads.

Serving as a standard feature on the 2020 Trailhawk, Selec-Speed technology allows drivers to carefully navigate even the toughest terrains. Activate the system by pressing the SSC switch (do this only after ensuring the parking brake has been released and the throttle is not in use). This will instantly engage the low-range function, adjusting both the power-band and the vehicle’s acceleration rates; and measured performance will then be achieved, with torque regulated to assure a smooth ascent. 

The Selec-Speed feature yields impeccable control - moderating engine outputs with every change in grade. This allows for custom gear responses, with the automatic transmission targeting acceleration ratios between 1 km/h (1st) to 9 km/h (9th). When combined with Jeep’s robust electric power steering column and independent MacPherson suspension, this function ensures superior handling.

Curious about the 2020 Cherokee and its Selec-Speed Control system? Contact our team today to learn more - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Trailhawk models.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bc‘Tis the season for sleet and snow - which is why Jeep has paired the 2020 Cherokee with Cold Weather technology. Struggle no more against BC winters.

Available on the new Cherokee is the Cold Weather Group. A remote start system anchors this suite, allowing drivers to engage both the engine and locking mechanisms before stepping out into the snow. A de-icer helps to maintain windshield sight-lines, while a block heater extends the life of oil (raising temperatures to promote more efficient fluid movement). Inside the cabin discover integrated warming functions for both the seat and steering wheel.

To learn more about the Cherokee’s Cold Weather Group contact our team today.
2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcThe Surrey highways can often prove more challenging to navigate than the backroads - with stop-and-go traffic testing the skill (and patience) of drivers. This is why Jeep has paired its 2020 Cherokee with exclusive LaneSense technology: promoting safer travels in BC.

At the front of the new Cherokee sits a camera-based sensor. This system continually scans the road, assessing both lane markers and vehicle trajectory in real time. Should the platform suddenly drift away from its correct alignment - with no turn signal being used - a series of actions will occur.

One: A visual warning in the instrument cluster will be released, alerting the driver to the deviation.

Two: If no action is taken to correct the issue, a secondary visual warning will be given; and this will be coupled with a slight vibration to the steering wheel.

Three: If still no action is taken, the Cherokee will automatically engage its Lane Assist function and gently correct positioning without driver input. This combines both steering and acceleration adjustments to assure a safe trajectory change.

These protocols ensure optimal alignments in Surrey - with the Cherokee avoiding sudden lane drifts and potential collisions. To learn more about this safety feature (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Jeep models) contact us today.