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Jeep News In Langley BC
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2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcFear the downtown streets no more. The 2020 Grand Cherokee affords peerless handling - no matter how tight the turn - in Langley, allowing drivers to effortlessly navigate. Take advantage of Jeep’s ProTech II Package.

Available for the new Grand Cherokee is the ProTech II Package. This suite proves ideal for city handling, utilizing automated support to counter hectic traffic patterns and awkward parking angles. Among the included features are:

Park Assist - an active guidance system assures seamless control, with ultrasonic sensors mapping the most efficient parallel and perpendicular routes. These send signals to the steering column, helping it achieve the proper tension to turn.

Departure Warnings - this feature monitors both the surrounding lane markers and the vehicle’s trajectory. Should the Grand Cherokee suddenly drift beyond the established boundaries, visual and audio notifications will engage, allowing drivers to quickly correct their alignments.

Forward Warnings - to counter stop-and-go traffic detection sensors are available. These assess the acceleration patterns of surrounding vehicles and, if the Grand Cherokee suddenly approaches another platform too quickly, audio alerts will occur. If these are ignored the brakes will be activated for 1.5 seconds to reduce speed and lessen the chance of a front-end collision.

These features - along with rain-sensing windshield wipers and adaptive cruise control - bolster the ProTech II Package. To learn more about how they improve the Grand Cherokee’s downtown performance contact our team today.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcAll-terrain performance now delivers more than speed. Instead Jeep is fusing its 2020 Grand Cherokee with safety - ensuring that Langley families can confidently navigate every challenge. Take advantage of the ProTech I Package.

Discover premium support with help from the ProTech I Package. This suite - which comes standard across all Grand Cherokee trims - enhances every response, delivering three advanced systems to BC:

ParkView Camera - take advantage of this function, which pairs wide-angle lenses with high-resolution graphics to map out the most efficient routes while traveling. Audio warnings further enhance protection, sounding whenever an obstacle (such as another vehicle or a pedestrian) approaches.

Blind-Spot Monitoring - this system utilizes cross-path detection technology to observe traffic patterns: assessing both speed and distance. When a vehicle nears the 2020 Grand Cherokee chimes will sound and warning icons will appear in the side-view mirrors, allowing drivers to quickly respond.

ParkSense Assist - this feature uses dynamic grid-line technology to simplify every reversal, automatically identify the best trajectory angles and alignment options (while simultaneously observing potential obstacles).

Through these functions the new Jeep Grand Cherokee can effortlessly manoeuvre through every day and any obstacle. To learn more about the ProTech I Package contact us today.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcHigh-speeds are coming to the BC - with the 2020 Grand Cherokeee delivering supercharged performance. No longer will SUVs yield mere payload strength. Instead a 6.2L V8 engine will redefine every backroad rule.

Growling beneath the hood of the 2020 Grand Cherokee is a 6.2L block. Available for the Trackhawk trim, this option yields a staggering 707 HP (at 6,000 RPMs) and 645 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,800 RPMs). An eight-speed automatic transmission promises custom control, with its integrated Sport Mode increasing both throttle capabilities and engine outputs; while an integrated supercharger enhances air intake to provide improved sequencing. An electronically modulated converter adjusts metrics as needed, intuitively responding to changing terrain grades; and the inclusion of paddle-shifters bolsters gear transitions.

Through this the new Jeep Grand Cherokee delivers class-leading performance - generating a top-speed ratio of 289 kmh in BC. Pair this with a 0 to 60 blitz of 3.5 seconds to assure track-worthy performance on the trails.

Want to experience segment-shattering speed? Contact our team today to request a test-drive in the 2020 Grand Cherokee - and don’t forget to ask about our available financing options as well.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcThe backroads prove inviting - but your mild-mannered crossover can’t conquer them. It lacks the engine prowess (and power) to push across rocky terrains; and it turns adventures into frustrations.

Jeep suggests trading it for something more potent - the 2020 Grand Cherokee.

Beneath the hood of the new Grand Cherokee growls a 6.4L HEMI V8. This block promises full-throttle fun, generating up to 475 HP (6,000 RPMs) and 470 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,300 RPMs). An eight-speed automatic transmission assures nimble gear changes, while the exclusive Fuel Saver system optimises resource distribution - boasting sequential multi-port injection and cylinder deactivation to lessen consumption. This function engages when the platform is performing shallow-grade climbing, making it ideal for BC drivers on the trails (there will be no sudden rush to the station pump. Instead experience enhanced economy).

Further improving the all-terrain experience is the HEMI’s hauling capacity - with this Jeep engine delivering a maximum trailering ratio of  3,265-kg. Dominate cargo and backroads with equal ease.

Want to learn more about the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its available V8? Contact our team today to request further specs and financing information.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcUpgrade your towing experience with help from the 2020 Grand Cherokee. Jeep has paired this platform with an available 5.7L engine - delivering exceptional strength to Langley. Struggle no more with payloads. Instead discover pure V8 performance.

With the introduction of the 5.7L engine Jeep promises dynamic handling. This block generates up to 360 HP (at 5,150 RPMs) and 390 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,250 RPMs); while its standard eight-speed automatic transmission affords precise handling, instantly identifying optimal energy ratios to bolster the power-band. This allows the 2020 Grand Cherokee to achieve maximum strength - producing up to 3,265-kg (7,200 pounds) of trailering and a payload capacity of 639-kg (1,410 pounds). 

To further improve performance the new Grand Cherokee boasts an available Class IV hitch receiver. When paired with a four and seven pin wiring harness, this ensures that no off-road toy will be left behind. Take advantage of V8 power on every adventure.

Want to learn more about the new Jeep Grand Cherokee? Contact our team today to request additional information - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available V8 models at your earliest convenience.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcMaintain precise control over every adventure - taking advantage of the 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit and its intuitively designed steering wheel. This Jeep platform delivers quick access to key functions, allowing drivers to remain focused on the road (not fumbling for the console dial).

Flanking the sides of the steering column is a series of buttons - each allowing seamless control over audio levels, cruise functions, and paddle-shifting functionality. Engage the multi-view display while keeping both hands positioned firmly on the wheel, and activate integrated Bluetooth links with natural-based voice commands. To further enhance connectivity, the Siri Eyes Free system can also be operated with the flick of a switch.

The 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit delivers a driver-focused interior that will impress. Contact us today to learn more.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcDemand more than strength from the sport utility market. Instead expect pure indulgence, taking advantage of the 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit’s bespoke interior. Jeep has meticulously crafted this platform, ensuring that Surrey riders will (finally) experience the luxury they deserve.

Slide inside the 2020 Summit and discover leather-appointed seating. Integrated heating functions in both the front and rear cushions assure optimal climate control, while available ventilation technology further enhances comfort (allowing passengers to customize their experiences). Luxury berber mats line the floor, while real wood-pore inserts pair with custom-stitched side panels to achieve a sleek effect. Backlit sill plates add ambiance to every adventure, and a suede-like roof complements the contrast piping and Nappa bolsters. 

To further impress Jeep has fused the 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof - which affords expansive views and increased ventilation (take advantage of the single sliding window to improve air-flow). 

The 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit has been tailored to delight, delivering sedan-worthy style to the BC market. To learn more about this Jeep platform contact our team today - and don’t hesitate to request a test-drive in one of our available models at your earliest convenience.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcAll-terrain fun has just received an upgrade - with the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit delivering sleek style to BC. No longer dread boxy frames and dull finishes. This V6 platform is instead redefining expectations. 

The new Grand Cherokee sits on 20-inch aluminum wheels. These perfectly complement the sporty frame (which measures 189.3-inches in length, 84.8-inches in width, and 69.3-inches in height) and afford a rugged stance. Bi-Xenon high-density headlamps anchor the front, while the rear boasts a dual exhaust system with polished tips. Bright-textured rails emphasize the sharp roofline; the power mirrors are accented with chrome; and the capless fuel filter slots neatly against the body, assuring an uninterrupted side perspective.

To further enhance the Summit’s appearance Jeep offers an available platinum grille - blending chrome detailing with slotted mesh inserts. This proves a striking contrast to the rich colour options (which include Velvet Red Pearl, Granite Crystal Metallic, and Bright White).

The 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit elevates every adventure, allowing Surrey drivers to achieve showroom-worthy style. To learn more about this Jeep platform - or to request a test-drive in one of our available models - contact us today. 
Struggle no more, Surrey. The 2020 Grand Cherokee delivers ParkView functionality to every errand - allowing Jeep fans to more easily navigate downtown streets.

Engage the ParkView system to ensure convenience. The rear camera reveals wide-angle perspectives (including those surrounding the trailer), while real-time feeds stream to the central display screen. Dynamic grid-line technology measures trajectory, steering angles, and distance; while audio warnings immediately sound when an obstacle approaches.

This allows Jeep drivers to seamlessly reverse in BC, yielding more efficient handling. For further information contact us today.
2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcDemand - and receive - superior power in BC. The 2020 Grand Cherokee has arrived and it’s bringing V8 performance to the backroads, allowing drivers to seek out adventure with ease. Let this Jeep fuse every journey with class-shattering capability.

Glance beneath the hood of the 2020 Grand Cherokee (if you dare) and discover a 5.7L block. This V8 option - which boasts a 345 cu.-in displacement ratio - delivers premium responses, producing up to 360 HP and 390 lb.-ft of torque. Variable timing increases intake, allowing the valves and pistons to work in tandem; while an eight-speed automatic transmission features an optional Sport Mode to bolster performance, intuitively shifting the power-band to achieve more fluid sequencing. 

Further enhancing this block is the inclusion of electric rack-and-pinion steering - which enables drivers to precisely control each rev. Achieve tight turn ratios (16.7:1) on the trails, even as this V8 growls out 5,150 RPMs. 

The 2020 Grand Cherokee assures dynamic performance in BC, branding it perfect for those craving full-throttle fun. To learn more about this Jeep platform - or to request a test-drive with our team - contact us today.
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