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Jeep News In Langley BC
Jeep News In Langley BC

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2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcFear the downtown streets no more. The 2020 Grand Cherokee affords peerless handling - no matter how tight the turn - in Langley, allowing drivers to effortlessly navigate. Take advantage of Jeep’s ProTech II Package.

Available for the new Grand Cherokee is the ProTech II Package. This suite proves ideal for city handling, utilizing automated support to counter hectic traffic patterns and awkward parking angles. Among the included features are:

Park Assist - an active guidance system assures seamless control, with ultrasonic sensors mapping the most efficient parallel and perpendicular routes. These send signals to the steering column, helping it achieve the proper tension to turn.

Departure Warnings - this feature monitors both the surrounding lane markers and the vehicle’s trajectory. Should the Grand Cherokee suddenly drift beyond the established boundaries, visual and audio notifications will engage, allowing drivers to quickly correct their alignments.

Forward Warnings - to counter stop-and-go traffic detection sensors are available. These assess the acceleration patterns of surrounding vehicles and, if the Grand Cherokee suddenly approaches another platform too quickly, audio alerts will occur. If these are ignored the brakes will be activated for 1.5 seconds to reduce speed and lessen the chance of a front-end collision.

These features - along with rain-sensing windshield wipers and adaptive cruise control - bolster the ProTech II Package. To learn more about how they improve the Grand Cherokee’s downtown performance contact our team today.