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Jeep News In Langley BC
Jeep News In Langley BC

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Streamline the downtown experience with help from the 2020 Cherokee. Though this Jeep platform proves ready to dominate the backroads, it also delivers automated support for traveling through Langley - utilizing Park Assist, ParkView, and ParkSense systems to achieve optimal performance.

No longer struggle with crowded streets and tight turns. The 2020 Cherokee promises peerless handling in BC.

Park Assist

Ultrasonic sensors anchor the front and rear of the Cherokee, releasing signals that identify the best possible parking paths. Alignment is measured; speed is adjusted; and all drivers then have to do is control the brakes as this system guides the platform into a space. 


This system comes standard but it proves anything but ordinary. Sensors assess both the environment and traffic patterns as the Cherokee shifts into Reverse. These real-time images are streamed through the Uconnect console - with high-resolution graphics pairing with audio warnings. This lets drivers quickly observe all potential concerns.


Maintain a safe distance with help from this feature. Its digital scanners observe the terrain, automatically measuring lengths between the Cherokee and surrounding environment. Visual notifications are provided in the Driver Readout Display, while audio warnings will sound if an obstacle suddenly approaches the platform.

Through these functions downtown travels will prove easy. To learn more contact our team today.