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Jeep News In Langley BC
Jeep News In Langley BC

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2020 jeep cherokee for sale langley bcSimplify the off-road experience with help from the 2020 Cherokee. This Jeep platform delivers real-time metrics - with its configurable seven-inch display cluster allowing Langley drivers to assess key performance stats. Track every rev on the trails.

Jeep assures easy engine engagements, with its 2020 Cherokee boasting a multi-view display. This available colour-screen - which is controlled via integrated buttons on the steering wheel - provides quick toggling through a series of metrics, including: 

Vehicle Info - receive instant updates about the platform’s performance outputs (including engine temperature, oil fluid levels, and cooling unit pressure). Measure responses to identify potential concerns. 

Vehicle Dynamics - measure speed patterns and the factors that may impact them (such as whether a tire is deflated or the brakes aren’t properly responding). 

Vehicle Alerts - instantly recognize when safety systems (including headlamps, stability control software, and the rearview camera) are compromised. Warnings will flash across the screen, highlighting the issue. 

Vehicle Economy - take advantage of real-time fuel level measurements, with alerts for low tank levels provided and driver habits monitored (the Cherokee will let operators see how their pedal performance affects litre ratings).

Through these functions the seven-inch display promotes value - allowing Langley drivers to better understand their Cherokees. To learn more about this system contact our team today.