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Jeep News In Langley BC
Jeep News In Langley BC

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2020 jeep grand cherokee for sale new westminster bcThe road is rough - a series of sharp turns and steep inclines, punctuated by unsteady piles of rock. This adventure seemed like such a good idea, but now you worry that you’ve strayed too far from the familiar.

Jeep urges you to keep going - because the 2020 Grand Cherokee offers electronic stability technology to combat even the toughest terrains.

No longer fear the unknown. The new Grand Cherokee will ensure precise handling on every road, delivering advanced stability functionality. Mounted across the platform are sensors, which continually scan performance metrics (including lateral acceleration, the steering wheel angle, and active wheel speed). These ratios are assessed in real-time, with any sudden deviation instantly detected; and a series of actions then occurs to correct trajectory and improve balance.

The four-channel ABS system is engaged, automatically reducing speed; while traction control technology activates to improve wheel grippage. Electronic roll mitigation helps to promote smoother turns, and brake-force distribution assures precise yaw responses (thereby bolstering alignment). Through this, the 2020 Grand Cherokee can adapt to every terrain.

Want to learn more about the new Grand Cherokee and its electronic stability control function? Contact our team today to request additional information.