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  Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler Service in Langley City

Expect an unmatched level of quality from your driving experience? Why expect less from your dealer service experience? Your Certified Service experts at Willowbrook Chrysler Dodge Jeep are trained to understand exactly what your vehicle needs for optimal performance.

RAM Service Appointment

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Please use our online form to schedule your next service appointment. We are here to answer your questions and schedule your appointment at your earliest possible convenience.

RAM Parts and Accessories

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Willowbrook Chrysler Dodge Jeep has one of the largest inventory of parts and accessories in Langley City. Whatever product you need, we have it!

Body Shop

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Willowbrook Chrysler Dodge Jeep offers full-service repairs under one roof for all types of bodywork. Book an online appointment for a free estimate of your required repairs.

Recalls Verification

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Willowbrook Chrysler Service News in Langley, B.C.

Langley Asks: Common Reasons for a Check Engine...
by service-department-blog, January 10, 2021, 10:08 pm
Whether you’re driving a Chrysler, Dodge, or something else together, there are several likely culprits behind a check engine light: 1. Loose Gas Cap. This is enemy number 1, only because it is the most likely problem. Ensure...
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How Langley, BC Drivers Can Improve Safety with...
by service-department-blog, December 24, 2020, 3:01 pm
Tires, brakes, rotors, and other wheel components are vital for auto safety. If these elements don't function correctly, the risk of an accident increases exponentially. How can you make sure everything is working as it...
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Dodge Viper Maintenance in Langley, BC: Why...
by service-department-blog, December 23, 2020, 3:01 pm
Fifth-generation Dodge Vipers (2013-2017 model years) boast a V10 engine that delivers 640 horsepower. To get the most out of all this muscle, drivers need to ensure all fluids are at appropriate levels.Not only does the powerful...
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What Auto Maintenence Should Langley, BC...
by service-department-blog, December 17, 2020, 3:00 pm
Car owners typically receive maintenance based on distance driven since their last service centre visit. Oil changes, for example, happen every 8,000 to 15,000 km. Is there any work that drivers should do annually regardless of...
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Why Use a Dodge Viper Specialist for Body...
by service-department-blog, December 16, 2020, 3:00 pm
Despite having a price tag that is much lower than many other performance sports cars, the Dodge Viper holds its value very well. You can help your vehicle keep its worth by sticking closely to the maintenance schedule and...
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