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Vehicle Service Promotions For Langley BC
dodge viper dealer service new westminster bcDodge Vipers are real-wheel-drive cars, and they use a differential to assist with cornering. This gear-based system allows the two back wheels to turn independently at different speeds, which keeps them in contact with the road on curves and during turns. 

The moving parts that make this action possible require lubrication. Therefore, rear differential fluid is a vital part of the operation. 

After about 30,000 KM, this liquid loses its lubricating properties and needs to get replaced. Because it affects performance and safety, this change requires a professional. 

You can request an appointment with the certified Viper technician at our New Westminster service centre. They are accredited to handle both routine and complex maintenance tasks on your sports car. 
dodge viper certified service technicians in new westminster bcTransmission fluid covers the gears, bearing, and other shifting components. This lubricant is vital in all vehicles, but it's especially important in performance cars like the Dodge Viper

Over time, this liquid can become contaminated with particles and lose its effectiveness. Drivers may notice performance lapses, and the powertrain could become permanently damaged if the issue remains unresolved. 

You can avoid this problem by having certified technicians replace the lube periodically. Most vehicles require transmission flushes and fluid changes every 50,000 to 100,000 KM, and sports cars are typically on the lower end of that range. 

Our service department includes technicians specifically certified to work on Vipers. You can contact us and make an appointment to ensure that such essential maintenance occurs on schedule. 
new westminster dealership with specialized viper techniciansThe Dodge Viper is a classic that can last for decades if properly maintained. New Westminster owners should, therefore, adhere to a regular tune-up schedule to avoid any major repairs or issues that could shorten their vehicle's life. 

Dodge certifies Specialized Viper Technicians who are experts in fixing these sports cars. Our service department has such accredited staff members.

In general, every 10,000 km you should get an oil change, tire rotation, and have door and hood hinges lubricated. Vipers typically need custom care to accommodate their high speed performance (this includes brake, rear differential, and transmission fluid replacements every 30,000 to 60,000 km). 

The schedule can vary depending on the model year. If you are near New Westminster, you can contact the service department to make an appointment with our Specialized Viper Technicians. 

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