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Vehicle Service Promotions For Langley BC
vehicle maintenance repairs near bc canadaTire rotation? But they do that on their own! Or so the old joke goes. But there are very good reasons to perform this operation regularly.

“Rotation” in this sense refers to moving each tire from one wheel to another. This should be done every 5,000 miles or so (check your owner’s manual), and its primary purpose is to spread wear evenly over all of them.

Furthermore, rotation helps keep the tread even on each wheel to ensure that traction is consistent and assist your braking for safer stops. This is doubly important for brand new tires that must be broken in because fresh rubber is especially susceptible to irregular abrasion.

And if you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, tire rotation helps with the upkeep of the drivetrain. Not only does that lower servicing costs, but it protects the system’s delicate components, too.

Schedule your tire rotation today at Willowbrook Chrysler.
jeep vehicle repair and maintenance service in bc canadaFilters often get overlooked in the process of cleaning and maintaining your car in BC. That’s unfortunate because they are vital to keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency. Not only do they block debris, but they also help regulate airflow for optimum fuel mixture ratios.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it’s best to take a look at your air filters around every 12,000 to 15,00 miles (19,312 to 24,140 km) – check your owners’ manual to be sure. By keeping them clean, damage-free, and ordering replacements as required, you’ll improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Not only that, you’ll also protect the engine from damage while preventing harmful emissions. A clean filter also helps reduce breakdowns and makes acceleration smoother and more consistent. So, as you can see, this simple step has big payoffs for BC drivers.

Schedule a checkup of your car’s air filters today at Willowbrook Chrysler!
2021 ram 1500 in langley bcWhile a car battery can last for five years or longer on average, it typically won’t just fail completely out of nowhere—there are some signs that quite clearly give away the fact that you need to invest in a replacement soon.

Here’s a quick checklist of items to look out for:

1. Dimmer than usual headlights. This is a subtle giveaway.

2. Slight power fluctuations.

3. A longer turn-over time when starting the car than you used to experience when the battery was newer.

4. Frequent jump-starts. (That’s about as obvious a sign as possible, right, Langley drivers?)

To schedule vehicle service and repairs, contact us at Willowbrook today!
buy a ram 1500 in langley bcThere’s a fairly straightforward initial answer to the question of “how long will my car battery last?”—up to five or more years, on average. However, certain problems and proper care failings can impact and shorten its life, including but not limited to:

Lights left on. If you’re put in a position where you must jumpstart your car, the lifespan of your battery will drop.

Loose battery clamps. When this issue occurs, the resulting vibrations can make your battery’s parts break down more quickly over time.

Extreme weather. Very cold weather may drain a nearly dead battery enough that it finally dies; conversely, hot weather may evaporate battery fluid.

Contact us now to learn more about battery issues!
2021 ram 1500 near langley bcIt seems a simple question—how often should I get my oil changed?—but modern advances and new oil types muddle the answer slightly compared to the past. 

While it used to be standard to change your car or truck’s oil every 3,000 miles or so, that’s no longer strictly necessary for Langley drivers. Provided you’re driving a modern vehicle, it is only recommended to receive an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Notably, newer cars also have oil-life monitoring systems, so if you’re in need of a service appointment, you’ll be made aware via your car’s instrument display panel.

Contact us at Willowbrook Chrysler today to schedule your next service appointment.

get your vehicle serviced in langley at willowbrook chryslerWhether you’re driving a Chrysler, Dodge, or something else together, there are several likely culprits behind a check engine light:


1. Loose Gas Cap. This is enemy number 1, only because it is the most likely problem. Ensure your gas cap is secured tightly and that it is not cracked, otherwise proper pressure in the tank won’t be maintained.

2. Failing Oxygen Sensor. A professional at Willowbrook can use a diagnostic code reader to see if the oxygen system is causing a decline in fuel economy.

3. Mass Air Flow Sensor Issue. This measures air entering your engine and controls the amount of fuel used to run the car efficiently.

4. Faulty Spark Plugs. If your spark plugs and/or wires are malfunctioning, you eventually may not be able to start your car altogether.

5. Faltering Catalytic Converter. If you ignore oxygen sensor and spark plug problems, your catalytic converter may fail, compounding your issues.


Schedule an appointment with our Langley, BC service centre today if you are experiencing a check engine light warning!