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Vehicle Service Promotions For Langley BC
dodge viper maintenance in langley bcFifth-generation Dodge Vipers (2013-2017 model years) boast a V10 engine that delivers 640 horsepower. To get the most out of all this muscle, drivers need to ensure all fluids are at appropriate levels.

Not only does the powerful engine require adequate lubrication, but it also produces a lot of heat. For this reason, maintaining proper coolant amounts is absolutely essential for Viper drivers. 

Owners can check the levels themselves. However, they will want to rely on a certified Viper technician to change oil, flush the coolant system, and monitor other lubricants to guarantee safe operation and efficient performance. 

Our certified Viper technician has the training to handle these tasks. Contact our Langley, BC dealership today to make an appointment. We also offer an online scheduling option. 
dodge viper for sale langley bcDespite having a price tag that is much lower than many other performance sports cars, the Dodge Viper holds its value very well. You can help your vehicle keep its worth by sticking closely to the maintenance schedule and replacing parts at the first sign of a problem. 

Body repair, however, can sometimes be challenging because replacement panels and components may not be readily available. 

In some cases, third-party parts are sufficient. In other instances, though, you will need to go directly to Dodge to get the right item. A certified Viper technician, like the one at our Lower Mainland service centre, can guide you in making the correct choices so that your vehicle retains both its value and appearance. 

If your vehicle has exterior damage due to an accident or age, schedule an appointment with our Viper specialist online. 
dodge viper service centre in lower mainland bcDodge Vipers need specialized parts both under the hood and on the exterior. Rust, an accident, age, and weathering can cause body damage. Replacing panels, fenders, headlamp casings, or other components is relatively simple for a trained professional. However, owners should only work with service centres that have access to manufacturer-approved components. 

Our Langley, BC location has a full inventory of parts, all of which come with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Exterior pieces, which we can install in our body shop, will keep your Dodge Viper looking and performing like new. 

If you experience the misfortune of an accident, you can make an appointment with our certified Viper technician. This specialist can ensure that your car gets restored to pre-collision condition both inside and out. If the job calls for parts replacement, this expert can make certain you get the correct items properly installed. 

You can contact us today if you have questions about our specialized Dodge Viper service. 
dodge viper service surrey bcDodge Vipers need regular maintenance, and some of their components require specialized care from a certified technician. 

What about the braking system of a Dodge Viper? You will need a technician to inspect the brake pads every 20,000 km and flush the fluid every 40,000 km or three years of regular road driving. 

Those who drive a Viper in a track setting may need to change the pads more often and bleed the brake lines to remove excess air from the system. 

While these are everyday maintenance tasks, you want to rely on a certified Viper technician, accredited by Dodge, to handle all the work and install the correct parts. This expert can ensure that the brakes function as they should and meet the lofty performance standard that owners often have for these sports cars.  

You can contact our Langley, BC service centre to make an appointment with our certified Viper technician today. 
dodge viper service in langley, bcDodge Vipers, like all autos, need a properly functioning transmission. Maintaining this system is essential, especially for a performance sports car.

What do Langley, BC Viper owners need to do to keep their transmission functioning at its best? Service schedules can vary depending on the model year and whether the car uses manual or automatic shifting. Owners can check lubricant levels themselves, but they need a skilled technician to flush or drain the system and make repairs, if necessary. This work usually has to happen every 50,000 to 60,000 km. 

Our service centre has a licensed Dodge Viper technician on staff. This professional has the training and skills to maintain your transmission regardless of the shifter type and model year. Contact us today to request an appointment

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