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vehicle maintenance repairs near bc canadaThere are plenty of fluids flowing around in your car. But besides the obvious gasoline, what are they, why are these liquids important, and when should you check them?

Antifreeze or coolant (depending on the season) is used to keep the radiator exchanging heat efficiently during your drives, while wiper fluid, as the name implies, helps the windshield stay clean. These should be checked around every month or so.

Every 3 months or so (which is approximately equal to 3,000 miles) check the automatic transmission fluid, if applicable in your car—it helps ensure gear shifting is smooth. Meanwhile, power steering liquid does something similar for taking on curves; therefore, inspect it simultaneously.

As you can see, some of these fluids are buried quite deep in your car, so it might be easier for you to contact us at Willowbrook Chrysler today and have them checked by our team instead.