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Top New Vehicles In Langley BC

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_4500_Tradesman_WalnutBrownMetallic.png"alt="2021 Ram Chassis Cab 3500 Tradesman in Walnut Brown Metallic”/></a>Are you in search of a commercial vehicle that comes a bit more than just the basics? If you answered yes, then you need to turn your attention to the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab. This model boasts the Tradesman Level Equipment Group, which can transform the job-site experience. 

This package comes with numerous enhancements to make the interior both comfortable and practical. First, it adds an overhead console that serves as the perfect storage solution. You can stash items, papers, and loose change. Next, full-power accessories (locks and windows) have been installed; and there is also a set of power-adjustable extended trailer-tow side mirrors. These are painted black for a uniform esthetic.

Remote keyless entry allows you to gain access to the cabin quickly without having to fumble around for the fob. Once you are inside, you will notice the upgraded door trim panels and the Satin Chrome handles. These lend the cockpit a sleek appearance and help to shed the boxy expectations of commercial vehicles. 

Are you excited to hop into the new 2021 Ram Chassis Cab? To schedule a test run or get answers to other questions that you might have about the lineup, contact our experts today!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_ColdWeatherGroups.png"alt="Interior of 2021 Ram Chassis Cab, with the front leather-wrapped seats and driver-side window displayed”/></a>It is no secret that the winters in BC can be harsh. Having a commercial vehicle that can keep you comfortable on the job is vital, therefore. That’s why you should ask our team at Willowbrook Chrysler about the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab lineup.

The first option is the Cold Weather Group. This suite adds an engine block heater and a winter front grille cover to diesel-only models, which helps to prevent the unit from freezing. This ensures you can continue running your machines throughout the year.

The other available package is the Heated Seats and Wheel Group. While the title sums up the collection very well, there are a few other aspects to it. Aside from heated cloth seats and a warmed leather-wrapped steering wheel, it also adds mounted audio control buttons for your convenience. If the model has Adaptive Cruise Control, you can set various speeds and rolling distances here, too. Plus, the 3.5-inch Driver Information Display Cluster showcases the remaining fuel, odometer readings, and speed. It uses crisp, full colour graphics so that you never miss any important details.

Want to take a Ram Chassis Cab out for a spin? Get in touch with our friendly agents right now to make an appointment or ask about our current inventory!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_TowingGroups.png"alt="A black 2021 Ram Chassis Cab towing a travel trailer and parked in front of a brick building”/></a>Although the new 2021 Ram Chassis Cab can already haul heavier loads than its main competitors, this transport can be fitted with several different suites to enhance this ability even further. Head over to Willowbrook Chrysler in BC to learn more!

The first performance suite is known as the Towing Technology Group. It adds power convex mirrors and auxiliary reverse lamps to improve the payload experience; and it also includes the surround-view camera to give you a clear image of what’s happening around the truck. Please note that this can only be installed on vehicles with an 8.4- or 12-inch touchscreen interface.

Next is the Max Tow Package. This is paired with the 6.7-litre Cummins Diesel engine and brings a 12-inch rear axle with a 4.10 ratio on the 3500, 4.44 ratio on the 4500, and 4.89 ratio on the 5500. Experience dynamic power on the job-site, with this suite taking full advantage of the Ram's 800 lb.-ft of torque.

Would you like to learn more about optional gear for the new Ram Chassis Cab transports? Call our friendly team of representatives today to get details - and don't hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our available trucks at your earliest convenience. 

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_LimitedLevel1And2.png"alt="Interior of 2021 Ram Chassis Cab with infotainment screen displaying top and rear views around the truck”/></a>Who says that work vehicles are only good for hauling heavy attachments? Instead they can prove safe. Consider the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab with the Limited Level 1 Equipment Group, a suite that delivers advanced safety features to BC drivers.

This suite includes a surround-view camera system that gives you a full image of what’s happening around the truck - with both top and rear angles showcased. This can help prevent collisions, allowing drivers to better monitor their environments.

Another element that you will love is Adaptive Cruise Control. Not only does it enable you to set your desired speed, but it will return to that pace after you have brought the transport to a complete stop in traffic. Maintain steady control over the truck, even in stop-and-go conditions.

Forward Collision Warning Plus with Automatic Emergency Braking comes with this package as well. Utilizing digital sensors, it can detect potential threats ahead and halt the Chassis Cab if no evasive action is taken by you. Also, Lane-Keep Assist will make seamless steering adjustments to keep you traveling within the lines on the road.

Want to experience a Ram Chassis Cab for yourself? Contact our agents right now to make an appointment!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_LaramieLvl1And2.png"alt="Interior of 2021 Ram Chassis Cab, with wireless charging pad and smartphone displayed”/></a>Are you in the market for a commercial vehicle that can be fitted with unique packages? If so, then you need to turn your attention to the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab. This model can be equipped with the Laramie Level 1 and 2 Equipment Groups, affording effortless customization in BC. 

The first suite adds automatic high beam headlamp control. This allows you to easily toggle between the low and bright lights, depending on oncoming traffic. Next, rain-sensing windshield wipers have been installed to keep the glass clean during inclement weather. On the interior, you will find that the front seats are ventilated for cooling during the summer; and power-adjustable pedals are also included, along with memory settings for the radio and driver’s chair.

The second suite has more to do with the technology. It brings the Uconnect 4C NAV system into the mix. Displayed on an 8.4-inch touchscreen, this interface comes with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. A wireless charging pad is provided, as well as a premium 17-speaker stereo. Finally, the rear seats have been upgraded with heating technology.

Contact our team of friendly experts right now to explore the Ram Chassis Cab lineup further!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_SafetyGroup.png"alt="Interior view of the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab, with its digital rearview mirror showing an image of the road behind the truck”/></a>Are you in the market for a work vehicle that can be fitted with protective driving aids? If you answered yes, then you need to set your sights on the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab. Visit Willowbrook Chrysler to learn more about this model and its available Safety Group.

This package adds different elements, depending on the trim level. For example, the base Tradesman and SLT both get an auto-dimming rearview mirror. This feature dulls the brightness from other car’s high beams so that you aren’t temporarily blinded at night. Meanwhile, the Laramie and Limited each get a digital rearview mirror. Instead of the video feed from the back-up camera going to the infotainment touchscreen, it is transmitted to the mirror for a more convenient sight-line.

Additionally, this suite boasts rain-sensing windshield wipers - which prove essential during sudden storms. The blades will automatically detect the presence of water, activating immediately to promote clear visibility. Drivers will be able to better respond to changing conditions and more confidently manoeuvre. 

Are you excited to see the Ram Chassis Cab and its available Safety Group in person? Contact our team of experts today to schedule an appointment or ask about our current stock.

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_LuxuryGroup.png"alt="A white 2021 Ram Chassis Cab with black accents parked against a white background”/></a>Want a heavy-duty vehicle that comes with top-tier features? Say no more! The 2021 Ram Chassis Cab can be equipped with the Luxury Group to bring the interior to a whole new level.

First, the driver and passenger sun visors are covered in cloth and include illuminated mirrors with incandescent bulbs. A universal garage door opener is provided for easy entries and exits. Plus, the rear dome lamp comes with an on/off switch, and a power-sliding back window has been installed on Crew Cabs.

Next, the leather-wrapped steering wheel comes with buttons to control the volume on the stereo (no longer fumble with the dial). You can also monitor vital vehicle stats on the 7-inch Driver Information Display, taking advantage of its full-colour, crisp graphics. The last tech enhancements include dual remote USB ports and 115-volt outlets.

In need of convenience? Lighting features have been added to the upper and lower glove boxes, and the pedals are power-adjustable to suit your height. There is even an overhead console for additional storage space. Finally, a foam bottle door insert has been included.

Would you like to see a Ram Chassis Cab in person? Get in touch with our team of experts right now to schedule an appointment or inquire about our current stock.

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_AmbulancePrepGroup.png"alt="A red 2021 Ram Chassis Cab with Ambulance Prep Group installed parked in front of a hospital at night”/></a>Are you ready to bolster your company’s fleet with heavy-duty work trucks? You need to turn your attention to the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab models. These platforms, Willowbrook Chrysler knows, can accommodate every challenge with ease. 

While these vehicles are well-equipped, they are also clean slates. Customisable and capable of completing difficult tasks, you can upfit these transports to suit your business needs. They can even be combined with the Ambulance Prep Group.

This adds several enhancements to make the Chassis Cab suitable to respond to medical emergencies. First, a 220-amp alternator has been installed, along with a Voltage Monitoring Auto Idle-Up System. The latter ensures that all of the gear you bring in will be properly powered. Next, the remote rear heat and air conditioning unit makes it possible for an auxiliary mounted heater/AC to run independently of the instrument-panel controls. A line tap for the AC is also included, as well as engine coolant access for upfitting.

Once this suite is put into place, you can build the back area into a fully functioning emergency vehicle.

Do you want to see one of these Ram Chassis Cab in person? Contact our team of agents today to schedule an appointment!

<a href="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/inventory?newUsed=New#/?&orderBy=1&t=0&filter=[New%2CRam%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="https://willowbrookchrysler.ca/images/upload/August_2021/top_new/2021_RamChassisCab_SnowPlowPrepGroup.png"alt="A white 2021 Ram Chassis Cab with Snow Plow Prep Group installed driving through snowy conditions”/></a>If you are in the market for a commercial vehicle that can conquer the icy roads of BC, then you need to take a peek at the 2021 Ram Chassis Cab lineup. Available here at Willowbrook Chrysler, these models can all be fitted with the Heavy-Duty Snow Plow Prep Group.

Created to combat the slick streets in the wintertime, this package gets the truck ready for a snowplow to be installed - helping BC drivers prepare themselves for the challenges of icy travels.

The suite includes a wiring harness to ensure the plow is functioning properly once it is installed. It also comes with a 220-amp alternator and a power sliding rear window with a defroster. Underneath, you will find a protective skid that shields the transfer case from any potential damage (a key element when traversing rough roads in winter). Also, the following trims receive an added heavy-duty front suspension system to further enhance performance - the 3500, 4500, and 5500.

Would you like to learn more about the new Ram Chassis Cab and its available Heavy-Duty Snow Plow Prep Group? Get in touch with our team of agents right now to schedule an appointment or inquire about our current inventory!

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